Attention to Detail

Maintaining the highest levels of hygiene in the working environment is always of great importance but with the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is even more critical.  Our innovative UVC cleaning technology is helping a number of different industries to overcome the hygiene challenges presented by Coronavirus.

We work hard to keep our employees safe through the provision of PPE and the right training, so that they can continue to keep your employees safe. We are providing Covid-19 specific deep clean services to enable businesses to remain operational, whilst ensuring their employees are protected.

Deep Clean (Covid-19 Specific)

At Contrac FM, we have a team of highly specialist cleaners trained in the requirements of Covid-19 decontamination, using the methods, equipment and cleaning products as directed by Public Health England.

Our team of professionals has received extensive training on how to disinfect surfaces and how to safely dispose of items to prevent contamination.


In environments such as hospitals, where hygiene measures must be of the highest level, UVC cleaning equipment provides a safe and effective disinfection treatment. We use a revolutionary UVC robot to provide a total room disinfectant, cleaning both the air and surfaces to eliminate 99.9999% of healthcare associated infections in just minutes.

Proven to kill all known pathogens, including Coronavirus, the UVC decontamination technology we use is essential for the highest level of disinfection. The sophisticated smart technology used with our UVC treatments also produces automated treatment reports to show the procedures that have been performed.

Due to the speed of the UVC process, there is less downtime than other methods and therefore we help our clients to achieve improved patient turnaround times.


Through powerful decontamination, we are not only keeping the employees within a business and their families safe, we are helping to stop the spread of this devastating coronavirus.

We provide decontamination services across most work environments, including hospitals, care homes, offices, schools and many others.


The most effective cleaning service for killing the Covid-19 virus is fogging, which kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. This leaves the working environment as infection-free as possible, helping to protect your employees from the risk of contracting the virus.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we can soon have our specialist Covid-19 cleaning team on site to keep your premises safe to work in.