24x7 IT Solutions

IT Managed Services

Contrac FM has a wealth of experience providing IT managed services for businesses of all sizes. Our customers save money by outsourcing IT services so that they do not need to have an in-house IT team.

As well as saving the costs associated to recruiting, running and providing premises for an IT team, using Contrac FM will ensure you have highly experienced and qualified IT expertise readily available, whenever required.

24x7 Service Desk

We can provide your business with a 24/7 service desk to help resolve IT issues quickly and expertly, at any time of the day. So, if your evening or night shift call centre workers need IT assistance, we are here for them and can get them back working as soon as possible.

Our service desk staff have been providing IT incident support for many years and we are able to significantly decrease incident open time, with rapid resolution turnaround and 100% SLA.

Subscription Based Licensing

We can also manage your software licensing, taking away the headache of arranging renewals and managing all aspects of software license management. We can also advise on the types of software that provide better deals or services for your business than your existing software providers.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is revolutionising the way that businesses operate. With a cloud based IT infrastructure, processes can be more streamlined, employees can easily work from home and internal communications made more efficient. If you haven’t moved over to cloud hosting yet, or you are thinking about switching, contact us to discuss your options.


We also provide sophisticated business telephone systems, including supply, installation and maintenance, as well as emergency incident response for any telephony issues. We constantly strive to provide the most reliable telephony systems so that your business does not face disruption to services you provide to customers.



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